Log Homes/Wood Structures
Preservation Soda Blasting, located in north King County, is a mobile substrate preservation
and restoration company serving Western Washington. Specializing in soda, but also having
the ability to utilitze a wide range of blasting media, PSB has the ability to tackle most
any type of surface preparation and make it ready for you to finish the way you like.
Fire Restoration

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Distressed log homes require more aggressive
surface preparation before final finishing and
re-staining. Using media blasting with corn cob,
walnut or glass will expose the bare wood in no
time. Let us help you get your do-it-yourself project
off the ground whether it be a log home, deck or
some other wooden surface.
When your property is selected as a canvas by a
graffiti artist, let Preservation Soda Blasting offer
you a removal solution that works for you.
Architecture cleaning and restoration may involve
removing stains, paint, black carbon residue or
atmospheric pollution left over time. If you have a
hard surface that doesn't look it's best give us a
call...we have a solution for you.
In the unfortunate event of a major fire in a building or
home, using sodium bicarbonate as a blast media quickly
and effectively cleans soot and smoke damage on exterior
or interior wood, brick or concrete. The same odor
absorbing effect seen in the refrigerator at home is
present when blasting with soda media. It not only removes
the contaminants, it also reduces the unfriendly odors.